Canyon Crossroads

Canyon Crossroads

Location: North Valley Parkway and 27th Avenue, in the Black Canyon Corridor, North Phoenix, Arizona.

Parcel 1 – 23 acres
Parcel 2 – 75 acres
Parcel 3 – 119.26 acres
Parcel 4 – 4.26 acres

No. of Lots:
1,300,000 sq. ft. (zoned C-2)

Parcel 1 – 74.44 acres High Density Residential – Engle Homes
Parcel 2 – 22 acres – 200,000 sq. ft. Commercial – Chandler Associate
Parcel 4 – 4.25 acres gifted to the City of Phoenix for open space

Amenities: Largest single commercial piece in the North Black Canyon Corridor zoned C-2, 1,300,000 sq. with 4-story height limits, North Valley Parkway courses completely through the community, fully developed six-lane landscaped median divided major arterial, complete under grounded utilities, ADOT planned diamond interchange at Dove Valley and I-17.